“I have known Patricia for seven years. She has been a very loving friend and spiritual master to me who has given me the highest of spiritual realizations during this period up to date. I have been guided by HER on ascension, Allah, Mata ISIS, MAULA ALI, The EGYPTIAN CIVILIZATION AND GOD CONSCIOUSNESS. Patricia has helped with the divine grace of God in channelling and handling critical and day to day matters as well. I have also worked with several of the ascended masters especially Ramakrishan Paramhansa. SHE is an incarnation and a light worker working over very high dimensions and light rays. She has birthed the Golden Age along with very few others like her . I have been divinely guided on Durga Ma, Lord Shiva, Sanatkumara and Sananda, KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS and THE MOST DIVINE LORD RAM ‘s existence. I Have also realised LORD TIRUPATI, LORD AIYYAPAN ,LORD GURUVAYURAPPAN, MAA KAMAKSHI and LORD MURRUGAN. The most important guidance and divine upliftment by Patricia over me ;sometimes from the brink of death has been over Mother Mary and Christ. She has been by greatest light over Master Thoth. Though I am a Hindu I have realised the greatest blessings of “Mallik” from Sri Sridi Baba through her. She has also guided me with pyramid meditation and Reiki and Conscious Healing. I have been blessed over millions of lives to Have come upon a Master like Patricia who the living divine mother through her I have witnessed and experienced guidance. I never expected that  a humble servant like me through your guidance with the divine. I embrace and realized my soul’s purpose in oneness with divine Mother Earth through The Golden age and avoid decadence. Right now how much ever the distance might be Thoth shall guide a frail human through her incarnated connectedness with Mother Isis. There is only ONE God who is the greatest was my highest RA /UNIVERSAL FALCONS  -HORUS, consciousness which THE PRIESTESS – PATRICIA in different ways has given guidance through distance healing. One with the Divine. Through the Sufi Guidance I have experienced to the hilt in through Patricia. I am the dust of the Divine’s feet. The light illuminates are one with God always and in the unity with the DIVINE where the cosmic consciousness exists.”