Rajanikanth T – Pune.

“Hi Patricia.

I was given your contact by one of the friends at Hyderabad, stating that you do lot of service by praying for Kids. So I wanted prayers for my daughter who was suffering with Muscle Weakness and when we spoke for 1st time in year 2010 .

Later the guidance of what to do positively and do praying for baby along you with your guidance really helped baby to cope up a lot positively. Mean while your guidance was extended toward the Professional side as well, when I was looking for a change –  you guided me to stay with the same company – no need to search out side and gave of your time even when you were in Kenya to always guide us to be in faith and trust. Sophia you always held us together my family and I through the distance healing we experienced miracles. which made me understand the transformation divinely we experienced .

As I told you my desire to go abroad and work – then your guidance was really miraculous – stating that Divine is working with you ask the I Am presence to parent with you for your baby. Things will work out positively, and I stayed back – What I am trying to say is that so many positive changes I have experienced when I did not understand how you were so sure of it. Even though I admit that there where times I did not understand how you spoke of my migrating to England with such confidence when I was experiencing so much problems in my life financially.I experienced everything your readings and consultations said as my life took a turn and I was transferred from Hydrabad  to Pune and now LONDON yes I am leaving in march 2013.

Regarding Finances – I was so worried, I could not pay my credit card bills and loans, as our salary to the maximum was going towards babies treatment, through your guided consultations asking my wife and I to have faith and, just trust that our needs will be met and provided for, …This year January and February – I witnessed that happen when we were blessed to receive more than the needs, and the money flow is being met.

Always – your Guidance, distance healing and intuitive present life readings –  really worked for our family.

Thanking you again for always for all the guiding directing and healing, even though you always ask us to thank the Divine Universe”