Rubina Lakhani TZ

“Earth Angel,

I have no idea where i should begin. So i’m going to write how I feel and what my relations have been with Patricia.

Patricia and I go a long way back, in fact i can’t remember when she hasn’t been present in my life.

We met in my first year of high school where she has always contributed so much of spirituality then as she continues to even now.

Patricia is an earth angel if ever I met one always service to humanity, keeping everyone’s feelings in considerations and going out of her way to help. She comes up with resources or people who will help one out of the troubles they are in.

She is passionate about her spiritual work and gives it her whole heart. She never wavers out of any situation she may be involved with. She has always come through for those you seek her guidance and attention, never putting herself before those who need her.

My words cannot express enough, who Patricia is, because she is beyond words that can be expressed.

When I have been down in my life and that has been the most part of it,  Its like she is telepathically tuned to the universe for no matter where she is this has been the way I have experienced her not only with me but with all whose lives she touches. I hear from her, through a message, a phone call or any other means. She just lights  peoples lives and always knows …. that has been the part where I had to learn through experience that Its Divine in all. I am a Muslim by the way. Patricia is Universal accepting all as One.

She has taught me so much in life and has been a huge influence in shaping my life, through her tireless guidance where distance has never been a barrier. Patricia is highly in-tuned with the spiritual side in all areas unlimited. I speak from experience and as a witness to her work.”