“I am deeply moved, benefited and impressed with the Distance Healing that Sophia did for me. During the session I had a complete sense of well being and a knowing that all is well in my world. We were on the phone. I laid down with my eyes closed, my position perfectly still, and yet my lips could not resistant the involuntary smile that adorned my face. I saw images of people I had known in different situation…to my minds eye.  I felt a need to see them all from this vantage point. All the while each face was viewed, my smile stayed permanent and unfaltering. I experienced a peace that passes all understanding and a complete sense that all is well. This feeling stayed with me for several days, during which much was revealed in my path of life. I know Sophia to be an intuitive healer with the ability to put aside the human frailties and go straight to the Source. I recommend her and know that others will benefit from her Guided  Healing sessions.”