Present Life Reading


Tarot Card Reading Inclusive of Cleansing, Healing, Balancing and Aligning.

Sessions will be held through Skype Post-paid one to one session.

Life is a continuous process expressing It-self through all the selves It is in Being. Life knows the aspect contained in all its being-ness ever giving of It-self to that which It is being, never more or less. There is always continuity within every individual where healing, guidance, and balance is ever maintained in wholesome being-ness

We are all one in our being-ness irrespective of how we perceive ourselves differently in form. Our experiences may differ only through the concept of our perception of it. In the knowing Is, whatever we may perceive as problems are merely tools being offered within experience to enable us all to learn to know and understand? This is where as much as we are more in the believing we do not know why or what a certain experience is before us we are constantly in-conflict with the Self.

Guidance is all around us if we know how to move from being consumed in any situation along life’s path, namely our notion of what we are not aware that we are solely responsible for that which we are not consciously aware we have brought into play.

We are all mirrors reflecting our higher good through all that we are giving and receiving, through our selves, and to the other selves outside our Self.

We are not along in our connectedness through breath this is where we have perceived ourselves in the other as separate from the self.

It is in our questions to that which we are relating with in any given situation,it is in the quest to learn to know and understand that all the answers are within the experience we perceive as a problem.

To every individual having an experience, however perceived there is always a solution. The divine is ever serving.

This is where in your present life readings you are consciously guided within, to experience how the Impossible is “I’M-possible”. You are more than you believe yourself to be in the form of your being-ness that is Being through you.


Your one to one sessions will include a combination of healing (working with breath divinely and your mental, emotional and physical body.) You are guided consciously channeling the guidance leading you forward on your path. The healing aspect of the sessions includes consciously experiencing the wholesomeness of your being-ness in the form you call yourself to be, working with that which you are ‘Apart of divinely’. (Consciously applying breathing techniques you are guided through, experiencing channeled messages from the higher aspect of your being-ness, expressing It-self through your physicality. (Cleansing, healing, balancing and aligning your energies within.) You experience the connectedness with the Collective Consciousness, integrating back into the wholesome being-ness with the Self, Soul, Spirit, Cosmic Energies, Universe, Angels, Guides. (Through that which you in faith, call Divine or God to you.)

This is how it works: –

On Skype or by phone, where you are taken through the process of what the reading entails. Outlying where in your present life you are seeking to learn to know and understand the experience and you need guidance with – emotional, mental and physical. Then we say goodbye and I do the healing/transmission, recording it live – the recorded bit is usually about 1 ½ hours long. I send the sound file to you as an attachment in an email, ideally within a half hour of having completed your session. The whole process tends to take 1 1/2 to 2 hours from start to finish, but you only need to set aside 20 minutes for the phone call, as you can do the session itself at a later time if it suits you. You then can play it on your computer with speakers plugged in or you can burn it onto a CD. (Ideally you listen in stereo, as the session includes your present life guidance with healing.)The session does not require you to have any belief i.e. it does not require you to change your faith it is not limiting you from your being that which you are in choice. You are always free to ask questions and give a feedback regarding the session by (preferably by email), and/or ask me about things you didn’t understand.For long-distance sessions in which it is not possible to connect by phone or on Skype,please email me with a description of ‘what is ready to be healed’ in your life- on a physical, emotional, mental – through the Conscious level,

Email for a one to one session on Present Life Readings:

Skype: Chats.sophia


Please contact for further information.)

All sessions are per-paid Add Cart US $60/-

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