Client Reviews


September 3rd 2018

She is a profound Consciousness Teacher…who speaks volumouness on Collective Consciousness / Goddess.

What I truly liked about her is her Wisdom and Generous Flow. if you are a Ready Seeker or standing on the crossroad of your Life…you can count on Sophia’s guidance …



posted 16th August, 2018

I have known Patricia for a very longtime now and she ia strong woman and very honest and has coached lots of my friends and I and we really valued her opinions and deep understanding on lots of subjects. I can vouch for her anytime as her advise has always been the best and have helped us a lot in our everyday life. Thank you Patricia.

Arnita Detroit 12 hours ago

Patricia is a caring person. She has a heart that captures the true meaning of confidence. She encourages and supports. If you have a problem she tries to find a solution without you even asking for help. She has been there for me with health and emotional crisis and was willing to go out of her way to assist me. She would be wonderful as a member of the superprof community .

Ruby TZ
18 hours ago

To have Patricia coach you is a privilege, as she has a wider knowledge on what so ever subject she teaches and goes into depth of every aspect.
She is warm and highly attuned with all persons, which makes it easier to be able to interact with her.

Haiba Maldives
18 hours ago

She’s always ready to listen and help. She is extremely spiritual and is always welcoming.

Judy Romania
18 hours ago

Excellent teacher. I highly reccommend her.

Anuj India
19 hours ago

She is one of the most well – read person in my network. She is graceful, patient, kind – she will definitely make a good teacher.

Betty Kerr Kenya
20 hours ago

She Teaches with all the Wisdom and understanding and always speak the truth
She is the Best Mentor Ever
I would higly recommend her always

– by Jenny Goa
attended Pranic Healing

posted on 10 Aug, 2018

“Patricia has a great knowledge on Meditation and Spirituality. She is a very grounded person in touch with her inner spiritual self.

– by Chrysanthi Passari Uk
attended Diet and Nutrition

posted on 10 Aug, 2018

“Patricia is very good at what she does. If you need to know about health issues, she is good in offering solutions to your problems and very accurate advise. Patricia is Good at she can help you over come problems in which we face in our every day lives, she has helped me in many ways and is always there for me in any Difficult time. I recommend her as anything you ask her, you will not be disappointed so what you waiting for give it a try get in touch with her now. Thanks Patricia. “

– by Sid Banglore
attended Diet and Nutrition

posted on 10 Aug, 2018

“Ms. Patricia is a very spiritually enlightened person offering genuine service in holistic healing and wellness, health and nutrition. I fondly recommend her services to everybody who is looking for professional guidance, self-awareness and self-empowerment. “

– by Nina Marion Kenya
attended Holistic Healing

posted on 09 Aug, 2018

“Patricia is an incredible healer, advisor, intuitive counselor and spot on accuracy on all issues especially family related matters. She has many times saved me from bad decisions. known her over 20 years. She is amazing and grateful for her aid. “

– by Manisha Mohla Delhi
attended Spiritual Workshop

posted on 09 Aug, 2018

“Patricia has great spiritual insight. Her knowledge is vast in the spiritual field. She can guide on any metaphysical subject. Her intuition is also terrific. She has guided and counselled me from very practical point of view. God bless her. “

by Josua S Mahe
attended Diet and Nutrition

posted on 09 Aug, 2018

“Sophia is very good in understanding what one struggles with and helps them create a easy understandable method to overcome what they need to and go forward in the direction the want or should. Will definitely council again. “

– by Jouberta Male
attended Spiritual Workshop

posted on 09 Aug, 2018

“I have consulted with many who call themselves spiritual workers. But none have given me the results or shown me what it is I am capable of mentally and spiritually. Patricia is amazing. And I would recommend her twice over. She’s brilliant. “

by Jayne Gitau Nairobi
attended Diet and Nutrition

posted on 09 Aug, 2018

“I would recommend Patricia to everyone. I have learnt so much from her, which has enhanced my knowledge, making me more valuable to those I serve. The value Patricia brings to her customers is invaluable. She is warm and compassionate, and ofcourse very professional. I like that Patricia shares more than what you ask of her. Her knowledge is diverse so she is able to impart it from varying perspectives. As someone who does presentations on nutrition and the importance of supplementation, Patricia has shared so much of her knowledge with me, which has in turn made me a better informed presenter, which has grown my stature in my company tremendously. I am very comfortable seeking Patricia’s advice when I am stuck. It’s great having her in my corner. Anyone will be that much better for having worked with Patricia. “

by Betty Sweden
attended Holistic Healing

posted on 09 Aug, 2018

“Very gifted with attention to detail in her work overalls in spiritual & herbal matters. She’s mindful of the person in guidance to achieving desired results. “

by Latika K Goa
attended Counselling

posted on 05 Sep, 2016

“Amazing to connect with especially when you are standing on a cross road of your Life. For Clarity and Deeper Understanding of the Self and The Existence. She is nice and generous with her sharings. She blessed me with her treasure box of Books and I shall treasure them all along! “

by Sowmya R Mysore
attended Spiritual Workshop

posted on 01 Mar, 2016

“Wonderful experience.where without her guidance I wouldn’t have known how to be in life. “

– by Shruti Kansal India
attended other

posted on 23 Feb, 2016

“Patricia is a very warm person, and an excellent spiritual guide. I sought guidance from her recently, and would highly recommend anyone who is pleasing to seem guidance on any of the above things, she is the person for sure. “

– by Rashmi Sharma India
attended Holistic Healing

posted on 20 Feb, 2016

“She is an amazing human being. She is nurtured wd special love for every human hence she can forecast what’s in for you ! Very humble spoken and serene”

by Sara C Switzerland
attended Spiritual Workshop

posted on 20 Feb, 2016

“A powerful programme which really transformed me and totally changed my perspective of life! She is a wonderful loving guide and teacher, always patient and confident in her work. I have had several reading, which have been very accurate and have helped me in my decisions. Also, I have learnt several techniques such as meditation and affirmation practice in the workshops to handle stress, insecurity, life challenges in general. What I cherish most is that she helped me to help myself. Thank you so much for that! “