Nine Days Workshop on Womb Purification Process


Clear Past Imprints Conception to Present Life.

Common Symptoms of Core Toxic Emotional Womb Imprints include:

Feeling Stuck or Suicidal. Not knowing how to Move Forward in Life. Not being able to “Let Go” of a Past Experiences. Inability to “Get Over” a Personal Relationship or Grief. Indecisiveness or Confusion. Repetitive Life Patterns. Guilt. Shame. Self-Loathing. Anger. Hatred. Regret. Feeling Abandoned. Feeling Held Back in all Areas of your Life. Revisiting Arguments or Events in your Mind. Self Criticism. Feeling Emotionally Shielded.

What you will learn in this 9 Days Womb Purification workshop:

How to navigate the stages of Emotional Clearing.

How to effectively use the Self Induced Guided Hypnosis Keys and incorporating them into your Daily Life so that you can clear conflicts and keep your Relationships Emotionally Clean and Peaceful.

Understanding how To Reprogram your Thoughts & Emotions Awaken Your True Authentic Self & Live The Life You Are Truly Meant to Experience

For Men & Women of All Ages.

Call 📞 08971189284 to book the Womb Purification Process Workshop with Sophia.

Course Cost:

USD $ 80/- Payable through Paypal


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Course Participation Certificate will be issued on Completion.


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