Namaste. “I bow to the Divine within you.”

Patricia Sophia

Sophia Intuitive Conscious Life Coach & Consultant

Metaphysics & Alternative Therapies, PhD. –

Certificated Reiki Master


Personality Development Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching


Guided Meditation

Quantum Vibrational Medicine

Twin Soul Coaching

Oracle Card Reader

Guru Master Choa Kok Sui (Achieving Oneness With The Higher Soul)

Intuitive Energy Healer & Lifestyle Coach

Conscious Guided Meditation

Conscious Breath Work & Integrated Trainer

Intuitive Present Life Personal Counselor

“It matters not what aspect of your life you need clarity in (relationships, health, wealth, career, present lives, love ones, guides or your own soul mission; your aura holds all the information of who you are as a soul, your past lives and your present situation.”

Sophia offers comprehensive Intuitive consultations embracing the spirit,mental, emotional and physical lifestyle guidance. Creating awareness through workshops, one to one consultations and healing. The Journey through life is a continuous process within every experience, understanding the body’s energies working as a channel, the heightened connectedness intuitively works with Consciousness in the Collective as a Reiki and Pranic Energy Healer.

Sophia also offers two other highly
effective remedies through guided conscious meditations where, the individual experiences an understanding on how to continue applying the process, as part of their daily routine to enhance their lifestyle. Breath Work Techniques is being consciously aware of your intended breathing at all times, as opposed to being a shallow breather, through combinations of wonderful synergies.

Further Training

“When The Student Is Ready The Avatar Appears”

“I am consciousness expressing Divinity (It-self) in a body, vibrating at a frequency within this physical experiential plane”.

I am a conduit working Consciously with the Collective Consciousness in the “I Am Presence” that is ever present within all of humanity, expressing “It-self’ as the ‘We’ through guidance serving through the physicality, of experiential on earth.

The ‘I” or “I Am” is not egoistic, as most have presumed, that one has to curb the ego in order to attain realization. All are realized, one is dis-connected from their ‘realization’, All are ‘en-lighted’, only deemed from their light. All are ‘Buddha’s’, some are sleeping Buddha’s, others half asleep, half awake and fully awake.

To each one there is a serving in their states of being, as there is a purpose to serve on the physical plane, in the states of being that we all are in being to be. It is within the learning process that one awakens to embracing one’s realization, enlightenment as ‘E-vol v-ing is a continuous process within consciousness. (Experience – Love – In – God.)

There are many ancient texts that depict the OMNIPRESENT, through experience I, can attest as the power and energy of love as GOD. The divine presence has no gender, It is within all in the energies expressed through the physicality, as the soul impregnates the physical with the whole-some being-ness of It-self. Within that which you define as the ‘Self’.

As an Intuitive Integrated Conscious Healer, I work with ‘Breath’ known by many names life force, Athma, Chi, Ki etc; I acknowledge it as ‘Shakti’ the “Divine Mother” for She is the universal nurturing Mother Energy in all. One can feel the connectedness consciously, as to each one the gratitude expressed are validated through our actions. Her love is ever flowing from Her being, She is ever gracious a Host to us, giving unconditionally of Her motherly love, wisdom and intuition.

To Understand Her is to experience Her consciously, Her impartial love is what sustains all life forms within the womb of “Mother Earth”. Meditation and Yoga combined uses a disciplined systematic approach that empowers a student to greater understanding their own unique nature as it focuses on the five elemental qualities that combine to create balance through all levels of existence –
physical, mental and spiritual. Utilizing a holistic approach, this body/mind science examines a person’s individual constitution, life style and health issues. Using a combination of healing techniques that may include various alternative therapies available to restore balance to the system.

“Learning is a continuous process, It begins in the womb when you take physicality and ends not in the grave”.