Conscious Healing Alternative Therapy Sanctum


My Soul’s purpose  is to reach out to all the other selves,  as I continue to experience and expand within Consciousness. May the guidance ever-flowing, from all consciousness within life enable us to ascend to our highest potential in individual lives, as we are all gloriously unique in every expression reflecting the Wholesomeness in all our’ being-ness’…

In whatever paradigms that we all may find ourselves on, ensures that our growing awareness in itself is innately & inherently Divinely guided. Experience avails us tools that enable us to each create unlimited realities at tripartite levels. It is my humble prayer that it will always be in the best interest and for the highest good of all concerned.

Through learning, knowing and understanding this inner fulfillment is derived naturally and with ease. The eternal communion with the Self and all Selves around us, we ‘become’ more and more palpable as the Divine Breath within, permeates our every experiential being-ness whether we are awake, sleep, playing, at rest or working.

You may call this inner growth, mind expansion, psychological development or spirituality…. you may call it love. Either way
, as we allow the larger picture to permeate us- there is a literal unraveling and connection of the Self with the Divine Self through our growth, awakening, realization, love, and lives…whatever you call it… It is being, Itself through the aspect of itself within every divine breath contained within all of life.

It is futile to try and
be like another when within each unique being there is the part of the divine aspect within all consciousness that is ever connected  to all. In the desperate search to be in the likeness of  Buddha, Christ, Mohammedan, Krishna or this Ascended  Master and all faiths in-between ;  Consciousness within all as De-light-full integration of the Collective Consciousness – guiding us towards our own self awakening and realization-our unique truths within experience of the whole!

If we were to all go ‘back’ …with the same uniformed truth….what a waste of eternity life would have served contradictory to our beliefs in “free will and choice!

Awakening to my own Divine nature and sharing it with ‘other’ aspects of self – towards their own discoveries, journeys and awakening would perhaps best describe my current being-ness. So yes I call my Self a divine facilitator, but that’s just a term… a pointer perhaps to where words can’t go! And I find this … going beyond words… increasingly playing a role in my reaching out- and yet words are required to get us ‘there’! And thus I embrace both aspects as and when required- reaching out through ‘The Word’ (weekly discourses, occasional workshops, tarot classes and writing and through ‘My Being-ness /Energies’ (guided group meditation sessions and personal sessions which play out in eclectic ways)

From Consciousness to consciousness: it is not really about finding our divinity as much as it is about  experiencing and understanding our ‘Divine-ness’ …indeed engulfing us in its ongoing embrace! All you need to do is be open to the self ‘! Thus ‘spirituality’ and life need not be two separate compartments but a joyous whole pervading your own being and reflecting all around yourself and all the other selves!

Experiencing awakening for me was completely intuitive and spontaneously unraveling within a continuous process, that is ever incorporating both traditional ancient wisdom and the more contemporary ‘new’ age understanding….  The Larger Picture! For that is all it truly is…! Or takes! Looking at the self, life, the other and Divine through an open mind! Somewhere along this wondrous quest I ‘met’ The Divine….The Avatar and I the student. Communing in through discourses, writing, simple guidance or energy work/meditation- a personalized form of Conscious Breathing, which Divine does with groups through a ‘Collective Consciousness’ as we are all a part of inseparable. “which part of you is the part of that, which you claim yourself to be a part of, in all your ‘ Beingness’, and not as you perceive it as a ‘Separated-ness’ of its wholesome ‘Being-ness’ within the being that you are being in all your ‘Being-ness’ in’ One-ness’, ever-connected.”

This site speaks to your soul. Each of you has been a member of all the cultures, all the races and all the religions that have graced Earth.

You are invited  to walk alongside  humanity adding your light to the tapestry of consciousness, as  you continue to awaken to the knowledge that lies deep within your soul.

Conscious Breathing… enables a journey from personal consciousness to universal consciousness to beyond…none better or higher or lesser…

Conscious Breathing imparts divine wisdom, divine experience, divine fun, laughter and joy; divine Love…

Being aware within consciousness from the conscious aspect of being avails…eternal rest …within every experience in the here and every eternal now!

Love and Light from Consciousness to Consciousness – 1997

Conscious Healing & Alternative Therapies Sanctum

“There is a communion with The Omnipresence, and a communion with the earth, and a communion with Divinity through life.”

 “Be still and know that The I Am Presence is Ever Present Within You.”

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” The quote is by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.”

Words that impact you resonate with your Divine Truth.

Knowledge that you seek exists within.

Your own Consciousness Awakens the ‘I Am’ presence within you.

Consciousness within Breath is one with all of life.

Unconditionally, unlimited giving of Itself to all the other selves, within It-Self.

The truth that one seeks in the Divine is ‘Unconditional Love’.

Unconditional love has no name for It embraces all.

Permeating the continuous process of It-Self within the ‘I Am’ is inseparable with all in Oneness.

The truth is in all your imperfections you are perfect.

You are realized, you are enlightened.

Awakening is accepting who you are in the ‘I Am’ presence within you.

Acceptance is acknowledging the inseparable Oneness in all your being-ness.

All your being-ness is honoring the truths of your being in this embodiment of your physicality. 

Every aspect of life within itself Is, being that which it is.

Experiencing life within life in the ‘I Am’ presence, within all of life.

One can only understand the divine self through experience.

Experience is the Divine within all in the ‘I Am That’.

In the ‘I Am That’ every individual on the experiential plane is being just that.

Within every experience there is Divine-ness. 

“We are all one equal in BREATH”